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Why Start-Up

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You have decided to purchase new equipment to grow your business.  The next step in making your business operation a reality, is completing the start-up appointment with trained technicians.  Popular questions our staff gets are “Why do I need to pay for a start-up?  How does it benefit my operation?”

There are several things that could go wrong during the start-up of new equipment.  Operators are the first line of defense in keeping your production line running.  Below we will discuss what operators will learn during the startup appointment and why this is key to a successful business.

Proper Training -

If something goes wrong while the equipment is running the operator is the first line of defense to avoid a loss in production. They should know the machines front to back, inside and out.  When the Service Technician arrives on site for the start-up appointment they will train operators and maintenance staff on operations, maintenance, safety and housekeeping.

Proper Maintenance -

Proper maintenance is the life of your machines and profitability of your company.  Your team will learn how to properly maintain your new equipment and maximize its potential through hands on training.

Proper Safety -

Individual safety is important to any operation that utilizes equipment. Our equipment works with high pressure and temperatures, therefore safety is very important to the operation.  The team will learn proper safety techniques and tools that can protect them during operations and general maintenance.

Warranty -

The start-up appointment is a necessity for anyone that is a NEW customer to assure equipment warranty.

Optimize Performance -

You may run millions of dollars in ingredients through your equipment over the course of a year.  Keeping your equipment operating at the optimal efficiency and product quality can mean thousands of dollars in value, or prevent a lost customer.

The Insta-Pro Service team is always a phone call or an email away.  We have technicians placed around the world to help with the start-up and maintenance of your operations. Our employees passion is to provide exceptional customer service and they are committed to responding to you in a timely fashion.  Our primary goal is to help you achieve success in your operations.

Ray Goodwin, Service Manager

Don’t Undervalue Oil or Meal

Posted on: December 11, 2014 Author:

Meal and Oil

Recently, you may have noticed a sharp decline in the price of gasoline.  This is certainly good news for anyone who drives, but it has led to speculation about the reasons behind falling oil prices and how long this will last (see here).

When the price of gasoline decreases, it creates a domino effect across other markets.  For example, vegetable oil from oilseed crops, like soybeans, is used to make biofuels, therefore, falling crude oil prices reduce demand for biofuels, pushing vegetable oil prices down.

We work with customers all over the world who use our equipment to mechanically extract oil from various oilseeds.  Following high-shear extrusion, the resulting extruded product is squeezed in a press to separate the oil from the solid oil cake.  This oil cake is then cooled and ground into ExPress ® soy meal, a high-quality protein and energy source for livestock feed.

Often times, our customers are focused on marketing the oil from this process, but spend less time on the meal.  As this current trend in oil, gasoline and veg oil prices has reminded us, you shouldn’t put too much focus on one product.  After all, in an ExPress ® soybean plant, the majority of the output, by weight, is always meal, not oil.

Insta-Pro International has a nutrition staff to help you optimize the quality of your unique ExPress ® meal.  ExPress ® soy meal products, when processed properly, are superior to commodity-type protein meals, like solvent-extracted soybean meal (see here, here, and here).  Therefore, they should be priced higher to reflect differences in nutritional composition, (including higher residual oil content), higher digestible amino acids and less water.

In conclusion, with market volatility comes the need for certainty and consistency from the processing plant.  This can be found by correctly valuing what you produce the most of – the protein-containing meal.  At Insta-Pro we don’t just sell pieces of machinery,  our staff is dedicated to help you with all of your problems and concerns to help make you more successful.